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I just made this community and I don't have time to make it look rad right now, but that's not what's important. Animals are dying by the millions and that's what is important.

This community is for animal rights activists who want to help even more. We'll post action alerts with attached standard letters for everyone to personalize and send.

I know several organizations have action alerts with pre-written letters and those are great to post if you find any. If you find an action alert without a letter, feel free to write one for yourself and the rest of the activists here to use, or post the action alert with no attached letter and I'll write a letter for us to use.

Don't come in here to bash animal rights. Your opinions aren't going to sway ours and you will be banned.

Try not to post alerts that someone else has already posted; it gets confusing.

If there's a deadline for the letter, please use it in the subject line or otherwise make it VERY CLEAR.

Please comment if you're going to send on of the posted letters. I'd like an estimate of people who actually write. :)

Promote, promote, promote. Because we want to send as many letters as possible. If you are super-rad and want to make a banner, send it to me [robotdreamsarefullofblood@yahoo.com] and i'll put it up. :)

made by me. _girlnamedlover

made by joanne. a_dork_able_1 thanks, joanne! <33


have a LOT of stamps and envelopes on hand at all time.
find your government representatives here and keep the names on hand for use in your letters.

your mod, alexa.